Technology is excellent in all cases where it copies nature.

This is what PENDER has been doing for more than 30 years.

Our model is the sun, radiating heat in the form of long-wave radiation. If the rays hit solid objects, they are converted into thermal energy.

Everybody knows that a sunbath on a winter day can be pleasant, despite air temperatures below 0 °C. On the basis of this ingenious principle, we provide your hall with heat.

How does this work?

Like the sun, PENDER radiant heating systems produce long-wave thermal radiation, heating all objects and surfaces directly located in the radiation area. Unlike convection, thermal energy is not transported through the air, but transferred by radiation. Only the objects, walls and floor heated this way release heat to the air in the hall.

According to our experience, compared with hot-air heating, PENDER infrared radiators can manage with a room air temperature of 3 °C less with the same physical well-being. Heat losses due to ventilation and transmission are reduced. The heating system can be operated more efficiently, protecting the environment and cutting costs.